One old card game that could be what DevSecOps has been looking for 

13 September 2020

When I hear about companies suffering serious breaches of security, as a consumer of their various services I am left baffled, bewildered and disappointed. 

I play Jack of Privacy: playing cards for data protection by design

01 September 2020

On 1st October 2020, Mark Vinkovits will be introducing a simple and structured way to help your teams identify the way your systems might let down users, compromise their privacy, and violate GDPR rules.

How to protect your brand from privacy problems - By Mark Vinkovits

08 May 2020

With much of the world suddenly working remotely, there is a good chance that your business is doing things online that it wasn't even dreaming of doing just a few weeks ago. 

It's not a book. Judge it by its cover

02 September 2020

At Agile Stationery, we've started to take a different approach towards designing the tuck boxes for our various card games. We aim to produce art that explains the value and content of the every deck and tells a narrative or story to do so.

How to play the Elevation of Privilege Card Game?

09 July 2020

Adam Shostack and Mark Vinkovits explain how to play the game with worked examples. This part of their talk at the AppSec Cali conference drew on their years of experience of putting games to work. They showed how games can resolve problems in scenarios where other kinds of collaboration don’t work as effectively.

How Mark Vinkovits created the Privacy extension to the Elevation of Privilege game?

29 April 2020

Here is the final part of the transcript from Adam Shostack's and Mark Vinkovits' session at the AppSec California 2019 conference. This part of the session explains Mark's thought process behind the creation of the Privacy suit in the Elevation of Privilege Card game. Mark explains why he was motivated to create this and how we went about doing it.